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Philippe Fonvielle Alyah Story

This month, our guest is Philippe Fonvieille that we thank you for his testimony!

Well-kept mustache and the kind glance, Philippe Fonvieille knows well Israel. Born in Belgium, Phillipe is currently in Tel Aviv to improve his Hebrew. For more than fifteen years, he’s coming and going between France and Israel. He belongs to a catholic French-Belgian family and having no connection to Judaism, no omen according to a future arriving to Israel thirty six years ago when he met Eve. Eve is Ashkenazi and she gives him to discover: Judaism, Yiddish, traditions, her personal story and her link to Israel.

Eve and Phillipe got married, built a family and got 3 children. Judaism’s transmission is one of the most essential beliefs of them. In 1997, Philippe's first time arrived in Israel and the city of Jerusalem called him up very deeply. Different communities: Jews, Catholiques or Muslims, are able to live in the same place and performing their own traditions living fervently their own way of life serving us a good example to live in peace. He also understood also, how religions can be practiced in 1001 different ways but also "how we have great stereotypes in France about what’s going on here ".

On these gaps between reality and stereotypes, Philippe mentions his inner feeling: "I feel safer in Israel than in France and I couldn’t hardly imagine that one day the situation could happen". Another thing that is fascinating him: " the Israeli joy. They’re working hard, they have a nonstop war on their borders and in spite of this, they have great vibes, they are kind. It’s great, in France we do not have this spirit ".

Trips to Negev desert, regular getaways to Kibbutz Sassa near to Naharia, Hebrew School in Tel Aviv, Philippe is now familiar with Israel and defines it like « a land of contrasts with a great potential" On his favorite places top list : " The Negev desert, le Kibbutz and the human meetings " as nowhere else ! ". However, he adds: " If there was an only place to discover, it would be, first, Yad Vashem Museum". Today, Philippe likes keeping Shabbat with his family, would like to walk through Israel from North to South and he’s going to make his Alyah very soon.

Lilienblum 7 – Hebrew Boutique has decided to honor its students!

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