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What our students say...

"Ulpan Lilienblum 7 is more than just an ulpan, it's a small and warm community. Their teaching approach is very handy and effective. For me, the most useful part is speaking and in class we have plenty of opportunities for this. It was also an amazing platform to make new friends!"

Xueyin from China
Sept 2023

I have now taken two classes at Lilienblum 7 and can't recommend them enough. I started in an Aleph Voucher class with our teacher Tal who helped lay the foundations for my Ivrit learning. The class was small which was important for me and meant that we all had a good opportunity to practice speaking. It was also a great place to make new friends. I then moved to an Aleph++ coulrse with Edit which was equally as good and started to introduce the past tense. I would recommend this Ulpan to anyone who is looking to see real improvement in their Hebew, the teachers are patient and friendly and make the classes fun, dynamic and engaging. 

Miri from England
Oct 2023


"The Ulpan aleph voucher class at Lilienblum 7 definitely exceeded my expectations. The class was small (5-6 students) and our teacher Tal was amazing. We learnt through immersion learning and clases were largerly conversational. There was an intimacy among the fellow students which made learning Hebrew fun and mutually supportive. I consider myself fortunate to have laid down the foundations of my Hebrew education at Lilienblum 7, a real quality centre of learning"

Stuart from United States
Dec 2023

Wonderful Ulpan Lilienblum 7! Thanks to the Ulpan, I came back to our beloved Hebrew language. Idit, my mora, is not only a 'Super Mora', explaining and teaching with so much patience, but she is also a great person. she is funny, always smiling and has great devotion to her work and talmidim. She created a special, united group in our class and I moved forwards a lot thanks to her. Thank you Idit! I'll be joining the next class in January.

Arvelle from France
Dec 2023

Dec 20

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