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Rivka and Michael - Alyah Story

Rivka and Michael welcome me around a cup of coffee in their living room In the heart of Neve Tzedek quarter. Warm, dynamic and benevolent, the couple made Alyah one year ago with their son Ruben.

As the conversation begins, Rivka and Michael shared private items: we spoke about their childhood, their past, their first meeting, their projects but also about their link to France and Israel.

The chances that this couple had to live what they are living –The Alyah story- together was very seldom. Micheal and Rivka are aware of this and enjoy every moment. If the Jewish identity was still part of their life, the Zionism in Rivka’s family didn’t exist: " My father was anti-zionist " she confides. Rivka was born in France in 1961, from an Ashkenazi family that used to practice Jewish liberalism. Michel grew up in Paris in a Russian atmosphere: " The Jewish identity like Israel were important values for my family but Judaism like religion didn’t exist. My parents faced the problem to believe in God after the Shoah ". The Jewish philosophy for instance: Israel's destiny is on the air during Michael’s childhood: " I remember my parents listening to the radio in 1973 during the Kippur War and how worried they were ". He starts his studying at the Medical faculty of the University and certificated as a radiologist. He got married and had 4 child. Rivka, on her side, became a financial controller, got married and also became a mother of 4 children. Each one invests himself in his own private life but it didn’t work. Rivka got divorced in 2007 for domestic violence On his side, Michael got separated from his wife.

On February 4th, 2009, they both subscribed to the meeting website: e-mazal. After a short conversation, they agreed to meet each other and then, they didn’t leave one another: "It was a real crush. Consequently, everything got very fast and obvious. Fast. Very fast. Less than 48 hours, they moved together. It’s the Love romance. The one that we are waiting for during the whole life. Rivka, 52 years old and Michael, 61 years old thought to get parents one more time and Rivka got pregnant fastly: " I had a great pregnancy that I wish to all women! ". October 14th, 2014, Ruben was born: " He came out on the Simhat Torah’s day…Isn't it a sign of God !?". With Ruben, a new thinking way started. August 2017, Michel said to Rivka: "What do you think about making Alyah ?! ". Nine months later, Michel, Rivka, and Ruben became Israeli citizens: "Ruben was our motor and our motivation to make it happen. We wanted to give him a wealthy life. A future! We do not regret even one second.

Challenges are many but Rivka as Michael is motivated, enthusiastic and full of energy: " We are at home here. We don’t imagine us in another place in the world ".

Today, Michael invests himself in the civic life of his neighbourhood and Rivka organizes kitchen master class anti-diabetic and might open soon her own business company for new immigrants to integrate into Israel society.

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