Small classes for Olims

with the Ministry of Integration

Starting January 2020, Lilienblum 7 - The Hebrew Boutique is opening the new program, called: "Small classes for Olim with the Ministry of Integration"

Learn Hebrew in classes of 4 to 8 participants only!
A program 100% funded by the government*.


Are you interested? Register now there by phone : 03 517 36 70 - 052 90 60 804

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Since 2017, the Israeli Ministry of Aliyah and Integration has offered to every new immigrant the opportunity to learn Hebrew in private Ulpans.

The aim of this approach is to help and encourage the Olims to learn Hebrew, a key factor for successful integration, by offering them a wider choice of courses, schedules, and places.

These courses are given on presentation of a voucher from the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration and consist of a small number of Olim (4 to 8 people).

With this voucher, the new immigrant finances his Ulpan, which will then be refunded if it has been present for 80% of the course.


Who benefits :


- Anyone who has made Aliyah in the last 18 months

- Anyone who has 17 years old and up

- Anyone who has completed a public Ulpan session or has never started an Ulpan session.


Important note :

The criteria for this benefit were set by the Israeli Ministry of Integration. Our place has no say in eligibility,  number of hours rendered per group size, or payment/reimbursement procedure.


So...what is it about?

Are you a new immigrant and want to learn or improve your Hebrew with a small number of students (4-8 participants)? These courses were made for you!
Use your « coupon - שובר » from the Ministry of Absorption and join us, starting December!

If you are eligible, the reimbursement costs will be made in 3 payments by transfer to the eligible bank account, as follows:
  - 40% of the amount at the beginning of the course and after presentation of the receipt accrediting full payment.
  - 30% of the amount will be refunded to the participant when the course has reached its half term and after verification of the student's attendance at the course.
  - 30% of the total amount at the end of the course, based on the certificate of attestation, participation in the Ministry of Education test and 80% attendance.


*Eligible students: You can participate in this ulpan and receive 100% refund if:- You have made Aliyah in the last 18 months- You are 17 years old and over- You have finished the public ulpan or you have never started it.

Important note: The criteria for this benefit were set by the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration.

Lilienblum 7- Hebrew Boutique, has no say in eligibility,  number of hours rendered per group size, or payment/reimbursement procedure.