What's Really New About New Venture Creation? w/Dr. Leslie Mitts

Dr. Leslie Broudo Mitts, former head of The Wharton School’s high-growth

entrepreneurship practicum, will address the question of what’s really new

about new venture creation. For example – who are tomorrow’s entrepreneurs,

and how will they be different than today’s? What are the key trends in culture

and society most likely to be at the foundation of new venture creation, including

in the areas of wearables and artificial intelligence? What will be the implications

– and challenges – for collaboration and the formation of new groups globally?

Dr. Mitts is most recently CEO of a research-centric early-stage fund investing in

education and education technology. Prior to her teaching and leading the high-growth

practice of Wharton Entrepreneurship, Dr. Mitts led M&A for Fortune 50 companies

competing in the information technology industry. Dr. Mitts earned her MBA at The

Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and her Ph.D. in Anthropology

also at the University of Pennsylvania. 

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Salsa Party

Hi. We are excited to invite you to another Salsa Party the 26 of February.

As per your request, the first part of the evening, from 20:00-21:00

– we will have Salsa Classes in Groups According to Level by Media Noche

Teachers (No Previous Knowledge Required) (Beginners to Advanced) And

after a Cuban Salsa Party from 21:00-23:00 . All - FREE ENTRY!

We really hope to see you there!
The Team.

מסיבת סלסה
יום ב, ה26 לפברואר
בבנין העיריה, 69 אבן גברול
20:00-21:00 שיעור בשיתוף מדריכי מדיה נוצ'ה, אין צורך בידע קודם
2100-23:00: מסיבת סלסה קובנית
, הכניסה חופשית

Salsa Party
Lundi 26 février
Dans le lobby de la Mairie de Tel Aviv Yafo
20: 00-2100 – Groupes selon le niveau de chacun (de débutant à avancé)
(Aucune connaissance préalable requise)
21h00 - 23h00 - Salsa cubaine

Вечеринка SALSA!
Понедельник, 26 февраля
Лобби муниципалитета Тель-Авива-Яффо 
20:00-21:00 – уроки сальсы разных уровней 
21:00-23:00 – зажигательная вечеринка
Вход свободный!

Tel Aviv Talks German - with Tanja Hutt

Tel Aviv Talks German - with Tanja Hutt-Economic Counsellor

of the German Embassy in Tel Aviv

„Bilateral economic relations between Israel and Germany

– experiences during my time as economic counsellor of

the German Embassy in Tel Aviv”

Talk will be held in German.

Liebe Freunde.
Das Business Netzwerk für deutschsprachige Olim lädt ein zum

Talk und Diskussion mit Frau Tanja Hutt - Leiterin der Wirtschaftsabteilung,

Deutsche Botschaft Tel Aviv.

26 of Fabruary
18:30-19:00 - Networking
19:00-20:30 - Talk&Diskussion
20:30-21:30 - Networking

Wir freuen uns, Euch zu sehen!


What Recruiters Really Want From a Candidate w/ Dr. Dafna Shaked

New Job Market Rules: What Recruiters Really Want From

a Candidate with Dr. Dafna Shaked

Have you ever achieved the final round of a candidate search

process, and not received the job and baffled as to why….Based

on research interviewing numerous recruiters and decision makers

in business, government and NGOs organizations, Dafna Shaked

will share insights into what recruiters and HR personnel look for

in a candidate. Using case studies as well, she will highlight those

abilities and qualifications that are not always in the job description

that could help you be the chosen candidate.

The lecture is relevant to people who would like to advance their careers,

as well as those who are starting the job search process.

Space is very limited for this event, so please sign up on the Eventbrite

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Understanding Pension Plans and Insurance in Israel

As per your request, we are convening this lecture and will cover: 
- The background about the Insurance system in Israel - Differences between private insurance, obligatory and subsidies insurances and Bituah Leumi.
- How the pension system works in Israel and what are the differences between the funds
- Reforms in the Pension market in Israel, management fees, profit and other important things to note 
- How much money should we save for our retirement? 
- Pension for business owners and freelancers- main points.
- Pensions for Employees 

This lecture is aimed for salaried employees, small business owners and freelancers. Each topic will be covered, noting differences for each of these categories.

While FREE, space is limited. Please sign up on the enclosed Eventbrite to save your spot.

Cycle entreprenariat : passez de l'idée à la réalisation de...

En 2018, nous avons decidé de mettre à l'honneur l'entreprenatriat, Tous les mois nous organiserons des Meet-up pour vous. 

L'objectif vous donnez de l'info et vous aider à vous créer un réseau.

Chaque Meet-up vous proposera une conférence suivi de questions réponses puis d'un moment networking autour d'un verre dans un endroit cozzy de Tel Aviv!

Cette soirée sera consacré au fameux "Tachless" israélien ou comment passé de l'idée à la réalisation de votre projet!

Places limitées, inscrivez-vous vite!...

N'oubliez pas vos cartes de visites :)

19 février de 19:00 à 20:30

Au Cabaret

9 rue Frenkel Florentine, Yafo, Tel Aviv, Israel

Impro Théatrale en Hébreu : les scènes de la vie quotidienne


On entend le message à longueur de journée, il faut bien apprendre l'hebreu pour s'intégrer en Israël...
L'ulpan, c'est bien sympa mais parfois "halass !" comme on dit :)
Venez goûter aux plaisirs de la langue hébraïque par la pratique !
Frustré de ne pas pouvoir parler plus hébreu? 
Les mots vous manquent dans certaines situations? 
Vous sentez parfois que vous passez à côté de la culture israélienne?
Voici un nouvel atelier conçu tout spécialement pour vous, vaillant oleh !
Entretien d’embauche, rendez-vous galant (!), négocier les prix au marché (euh...kama ze ole?), rendez vous à la banque....
Dans cet atelier, nous jouerons avec des situations du quotidien en Israël, pour apprivoiser la belle langue qu’est l’hébreu, et (re)découvrir les plaisirs de sa pratique.

Allez, on se jette a l'eau !

Tous les mercredi de 10:30 à 12:30

The Power of Presence with Barry Katz

"The most important things in life are not things" Anthony J. D'Angelo

The most important things in life are not things, it's about people and the relationships we have with them. Every healthy, strong relationship is built on the ability communicate, express ourselves and understand others. 

This will be an interactive discussion on how we can do small things that can make a big difference to our professional and personal relationships.

Together we will look at the value of curiosity, true listening and assertively setting boundaries.

The art and science of questioning and why we should reconnect to our curiosity. What questions help to build stronger relationships and how beautiful questions get beautiful answers. 

When we ask a question we need to have the courage to listen, especially when we don’t like or agree with what we are hearing.
How to be aware of biases we have when we listen to others, why it is increasingly difficult to listen and how we can become better at it. 
We also need to be able to set boundaries, to disagree without being disagreeable. Know when and how to disengage, stop listening and just say no. 

When we communicate better, we have better relationships and better relationships just make life so much easier. 

We will hopefully gain together:: 
The value of curiosity
The courage to listen
How to stay no and stay alive


From 19:00 to 21:00

מרכז קהילתי רוזין

רחוב דרזנר 2, רמת אביב ג', Tel Aviv-Jaffa

While FREE, please sign up on the enclosed Eventbrite to save your spot. 

For any questions, please write

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