Prospective students are interviewed and tested to determine their level, based on oral skills and writing and reading skills. Students with some previous knowledge can join an existing class on their level at any time based the test’s results and availability. They are entitled to one trial lesson. Complete beginners need to join the course at its start, and are not entitled to a trial lesson.

Advanced registration for the placement test required. The price of the placement test is 25 NIS.

To request more information:

Contact the Admissions Office

Sunday-Thursday 8am - 3pm

+972 3-5173-670 or write an email with your details at: ulpannevetzedek@mail.tel-aviv.gov.il

You can also request more information with this form:


Students who cancel their studies before learning begins will have their tuition reimbursed. The amount will not include registration fee, administration and cancellation fees for the total of 150 NIS.

New immigrants will be charged 100 NIS.

Students who will cancel their studies from the first day of studies to 4 weeks after learning has begun will have 50% of their tuition reimbursed. In addition they will be charged registration and administration fees. AFTER THIS PERIOD, NO REFUND WILL BE MADE.


While calculating the tuition fee holidays on which center is closed were taken into account. Therefore, NO refund will be given for the above mentioned days.