Lilienblum 7- The Hebrew Boutique is a Hebrew-language school operated by the Tel Aviv Municipal Department for Adult Education, under the supervision of the Ministry of Education – Adult Education Department. The Ulpan has been operating successfully since September 2010. We are located at 7 Lilienblum St. Tel-Aviv in a historical building – easily accessed by public transportation.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to enable our students to communicate as quickly as possible in the Hebrew- speaking environment around them: at first, on a basic level, later on at a more advanced level, which will eventually allow them to integrate fully into Israeli society.


The best environment to learn

  • Small classes (maximum 20 students)

  • Enthusiastic teachers

  • Lively student body

  • Atmosphere of learning as well as fun






Our History

Lilienblum 7 - The Hebrew Boutique is conveniently located in the heart of historic Tel Aviv – easily reached from anywhere in the city and from its suburbs. Since our Ulpan is a relatively small-scaled establishment – it offers the students an intimate and young environment combined with the most enthusiastic and professional teachers in Tel Aviv!

Our Director Tali Gazit

Tali has been working for the Tel Aviv Municipality in the field of culture for 20 years, She hold a bachelor's degree in Education Administration and a master's degree in Political Science from Tel Aviv University.
She's the daughter of immigrants from Romania.